I suppose you have heard that keywords are the fundamentals of a website. And as you read above should you do keyword research? In quick the answer is yes. But still lies the question do you know how to do it.

But before this I’m going to tell you what can happen if you don’t do keyword research.

So you have your website up and you spend time writing and writing. You then post All your articles on your site and you make sure that on-page seo is set up.

Now you wait for the mighty Google to rank your site. Only to find out that the articles that you have posted don’t show up any where on the first page Google. And you wonder why well maybe cause you need to know how to do keyword research and not only write anything and think it’s going to rank.

That’s why SEO Marketing Agency Cape Town specializes in seo and not just mobile websites. Don’t get me wrong the seo market is fierce and takes a lot to rank on first page Google. But we know that most companies that have a website aren’t doing seo, or they think they can do it alone.

I must admit that doing it alone will take so much time if not all your time. Which means if you don’t have an in house seo master and you are going to do it yourself.

You are going to be doing seo for your website and you are going not spend time on what is going to make you money “your business”. Okay I got a bit off topic.

Keyword research is and always will be the basis of a good content plan. You need to know how to do it properly and you need to spend a much time as you can on it, other wise you are going to just waste time. So if you want to succeeded online make sure you do this critical step first. Otherwise we can run you online marketing campaigns for you.

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