Wow this craze is going off the charts. I mean today I walked thru a mall while the shops were opening, and saw that out of the 20 people waiting for the shops to open only 2 were chatting and the rest were in their mobile phones. This made me wonder how many of the were actually chatting to some one or just browsing the net. So that’s 90% of people glued to their phone.

Let’s say that they were all browsing the Web. Now we need to imagine that they were looking for things to buy. Where would they go. Well we all know that Google is the place to go when searching for anything you want. Now imagine that one or two of those people were looking for a product that you sell. How would you get your information in front off them. Mobile marketing would be the answer. You don’t know what mobile marketing is. That’s okay most people don’t. Mobile marketing is just starting especially in South Africa. Basically mobile marketing is optimising your digital marketing efforts for your customers or potential customers mobile phone.

Key aspects to mobile marketing are.

A mobile website or app Sms marketing Mobile pay per click Mobile seo Local seo marketing Just to name a few ways that you can get your mobile marketing launched. One thing that you must have is a way for your prospects to see what you are advertising on their phones. So getting a mobile website is of most importance for you need to direct them to a message that will look good on their phone.

People don’t want to zoom in and zoom out. People that are on the go want speed, they have no time to wait so you need to have a fast loading mobile website. Okay so you think you can just use Sms marketing. That’s a great way of getting your message across.

But you still need your prospects to interact with you. So you need to send them to a landing page. Oh yes that also needs to be mobile. What is a landing page you say. In short a landing page is a single Web page that has a call to action.

Sms marketing is one of the fastest forms of mobile marketing. Stats say that sms’s take up to 90 seconds to get a reply while emails take up to 90 minutes for a reply. Now imagine if you didn’t have any way of getting those replies. So you need a mobile site.

Do you now understand. Then with your mobile site you need to do seo marketing and local marketing. This will help people to find you on search engines like Google and yahoo.

Just a fun fact : 25 to 30 % of Google searches are done on a mobile phone. Are you still wondering why you need a mobile site and mobile marketing? SEO Marketing Agency can help you in your quest to dominate the mobile world.

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