Seo (Search engine optimization), has come a long way since I started to know about what this all means, way back in 1999, was the first time I heard of SEO, the first time I tried SEO o my own site was only in 2005, when things were a bit easier to rank in the wonderful Algorithms of the great and mighty google. Now days we need to really work at SEO to get on top of the list, and there is so much more competition out there too.

So what is this Local SEO that every one is talking about and do businesses need it?

To answer the question in short, yes every business that has a physical address needs local SEO. Oh yes they also need Organic SEO( or Should I say SEO).

Local SEO makes it easy for your customers or new prospect to find information they are looking for. if its your company details or services that they are looking for, close to them. Local Seo will help put your company in front of the search they are doing, and you night just be contacted.

Lets say they need a need a digital marketing agency in cape town they might google digital marketing agency cape town, cause they want to find the a company that is in the area which can service them for what ever they need locally.

starting to make sense?

So if you have a restaurant, plumbing business, yoga studio, hair dresser, what ever business you have that has a physical address you need local to keep a head of your competition.

Fun fact to know that over one third on all searches are local searches, which means that, lets say we have 100 people searching google (which we all know that there are millions more just making it easy to understand.) 30 of them are looking for local business to help them or buy from. but even if you are searching organically Eg: plumbers 50% or the results that will come back will be local seo results, to the big and mighty google is making This the Big thing, South Africa time to get on the band wagon before you competition does and you start to loose out.

This to think about when trying to optimize for LOCAL SEO

Have I got my Name company appearing on each page of my website, with that do I also have my phone number and company address on each page.

Having each page to mention a product or a service, this must also be in detail.
you also need to make sure that you have been listed in the top website directories and if you have you also need to claim the listing.
having local citations is a good thing too, you need to find them and make sure that they are good and that the information is correct. you also need to see where your
competition has citations and you need to get them too.
Now you need to find out if you have any reviews on website directories, if you don’t have any you need to start asking your customers to give you some great reviews for a service or a product that you sell.

All of this sounds a bit too much?

well that is why we are here, we are a digital marketing agency based in cape town. we know how all this is done, just drop us a line.

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