While every one is talking about local marketing, how they can go about and do it for them selves, while local marketing is just starting out, there are already some strategies that will help you,to get you local marketing efforts up to scratch. but before we get into that I have to, just give our new readers a brief on, what is local marketing.

Now you may be wondering local marketing , that’s simple, its to market a product to a local market and generate sales, well you are almost there but since the internet, some new techniques have come around and has started to change the way we do business, Making us have to think offline and online, With all this information we wonder which is the best for our business. A little confusing at first, some may say, But since we are an seo agency, we are going to introduce the world of Local marketing on the web.

So to get your local online marketing started you have to know that, local marketing can involve a few steps and is quite a lot of work, type of media used to do local online marketing can be websites, mobile applications, social media, local search, emails, etc this can be all very daunting, but if you are willing and ready to get to work, this technique can be very valuable to a lot of industries. What we have to remember is that local marketing is mainly use buy small businesses, to promote their specific location, oh just a heads up lager franchises are also using this too.

We all preform local searches on line every day, some don’t even know this, simple example is, the search term “local seo Cape town”, this is a specific search that lots of people may do, and directing the search at a certain place makes it local.

Now that we have gone over what is the basics, i am probably stating to bore you to death, and you want to know how you can start with Local. Local Marketing , to get local on the way you have to get a few things running on your website. You need to add your company address and contact numbers to every page, so that when the google o mighty gets a local search, he can go out an quickly determine if your company provides product or services for this local market. You can add some keywords to your website to help show up in the searches, but now remember they still have to be relevant to your content, other wise you won’t rank at all.

Once you have all the relevant information done, We advise to use social marketing to start to engage with your customers on a different level, people like to share and this can only boost your local marketing. Starting to see how much work this is going to be. Now that you have all the front work set up, we suggest a new tool that google has launched, called google my business, this is like a business directory just on the might googles search engine, (this might giving directories a run for their money, even though to do Local Seo, directories can help.)

I have just seen now that I am going to have to write a post on google my business. I will do it soon. oh yes and don’t forget about yahoo, bing, yellow pages, four square and the many other websites that you are going to have to get your company info to.

This is where SEO Marketing Agency Cape Town comes in, we can help you with all your Digital marketing needs so that you can do what you know best, Run your business!!!

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