Link building Cape Town – Now that you have your website set up and you have done all the checks and made sure that it is optimized to the best of your ability. Which means you have the html errors sorted, the website speed is also almost there, you have placed your keywords in all the right places. You have even gone and opened all the social media accounts that you can’t handle.

You have your blog up and running, you are doing your best to keep social on all the platforms and you are adding content to your blog. So you then think okay I should be getting results on the big and wonderful Google. But as you start to check your rankings you notice that you are now where near the top. You start to ask your self what did I do wrong. I mean you have put so much work into your site, it has made it very had to even manage your business. But nothing seems to work. You then turn to the big G and to figure out what is missing? Eventually you find our something call link building.

Now the pressure is on, as you ask your self how to get this done in the best way. As you find about more information about link building, you learn that there are nofollow and follow links and each type plays an important part in raking at the top of the big G. As you spend your evenings collecting information about link building, you start to realize that this is a job for a pro. Reasons for this! You can’t just go and spam all the websites possible hoping to get as much links as possible. You need to be selective and you need to place the correct anchor texts to the correct pages you want to build links to. You then find out that each link also has a ranking and can send more or less power to your website.

Think of links as networking. You get the people that are big mouth and no action, and you get the people that are quiet but have all the action. Which person would you connect with the big talker or the do’er, the one that gets things done right. Well I would at least. So as you collect more information about link building, you figure out that you also have to now make friends online and participate, maybe even guest blog for them.

But you think it’s hard to even work on my own site how am I now going to guest blog for others. Frantically you start to look for the best strategies to do link building. You find so many out there, you wonder which one will work, which one will make my site jump from the the 6th page to the 1st? You now have all this information but no idea how to even start. We can say, don’t start link building.

You are just going to get frustrated and you are going to spend a lot of time on this. You are going to miss manage your business or even lose the good times with your family. Link building takes time and needs to be done by some one that knows how to do it.

We understand that you might see seo as something that you can get all the info on the Web and why should you pay a professional to do it for you. The answer is simple you know how to run your business best we know how to do ours, so go and what you do best and let us the seo pros do why we do best.

  • Link building is and always will be the best way to get the rankings you want. The investment will come back to you 10 fold if you have a website that converts. In short get your wallet out let us do the seo and link building work and go and do what you do best. This might sound a bit ,cheeky but when you realize that you should have contacted a pro in the first place and the ROI on you contacting a pro to do the work for you is 10 fold you start to see the pleasure in have a digital marketing agency at your service.

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